Fig Fennel & Almond by Theo Chocolate

Well, today I found a new friend, the Fig Fennel & Almond bar by Theo. I love to try new Theo Bars because they seem to think up truly new flavor combinations with some amazing results. I can still remember the first time I tried their Bread and Chocolate Bar. I was certainly shocked when I read the ingredients and found "French Bread" and pleasantly surprised at how good two of my favorite foods tasted when blended together.

And this new bar is no exception to my feelings about Theo. 65% cocoa is right where I like to be, and the 100% certified organic, high-quality ingredients are unmistakable. I love biting into this bar because it has some serious meat to it, and the slightly tart flavor of the figs is a thrill. The almonds are somewhat of an innocent bystander in all of this, but add a nice third texture to round out this bar.

I wouldn't call it smooth because of this mix of textures, but I would certainly call it powerful, satisfying, and exquisitely sinful. OK, I like chocolate a lot, but wow, to come up with a new flavor in a supersaturated market really impresses me. The Fig Fennel and Almond Bar finish nicely with a combination of tangy fruit, deep chocolate, and the slightly bitter note added by the almonds. And then you get to pick the residual almonds out of your teeth with your tongue, keeping your mind afloat in the afterglow of great chocolate.


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