Øyvind Fjeldheim tv2 host films in Poulsbo for TV Series about Norwegians living in the United States FLASHBACK !!

Repost- If anyone hears about this series on TV 2, please let us know! (May 2011)

Today was an exciting day at Marina Market, we were filmed by Norwegian TV station TV2.  The host was Øyvind Fjeldheim his show  Sporløs with Sturla Berg-Johansen helps Norwegians to look for relatives, near and dear ones they have lost contact with, over the years.  For those of you unfamiliar with TV 2 it is the largest commercial television station in Norway.

TV2 Host Øyvind Fjeldheim 
He came in this morning and asked about Lutefisk TV Dinners
"Do you have any Lutefisk?" he asked, clearly expecting a negative response.

"Ya, sure we carry it all year round," I said pointing to the 1lb, 2.5lb and (sadly no longer manufactured) TV dinners in the freezer, "it is right next to the lefse".

SIDEBAR_-It was clearly a bunch of delighted kids who visited with the said manufacturer of our Lutefisk TV Dinners the Food Network Star Chris Dorff of Olsens' Fish Products out of Minneapolis, Minnesota this June.  None of them could believe their Dad made such a dorky product- Hey kids they were great!!  I have the one surviving Lutefisk TV Dinner in our freezer at the shop, it has been lovingly been shown to traveling Lute lovers for about 10 years now.

Clearly shocked and happy at the oddity of a Lutefisk TV Dinner, he inquired if he and his crew could film inside the store.   Well, let me think... no brainer dude, of course, you can film inside my business! Like, duh!
Microwave Lutefisk TV Dinner

He told me the storyline of the six-episode show was Norwegians living in the United States.  I asked him if he wanted me to have some on hand when he came back?  His affirmative response had me transform into cult hero Penelope Garcia, I whipped out my cell phone and called my dear friend Mossen H. and her neighbor Wally O.  Once enlisted they came down, the crew showed up and fun was had by all. 

It turned out that Øyvind Fjeldheim was from the same hometown in Norway as Mossen!  Well, that broke the ice, Øyvind and Mossen spent nearly an hour walking around the store her pointing out items from Norway and the crew filming. 

Toro Ertestuing Mushy Pea
They went through the whole store the crew got a real kick out of seeing the different Norwegian Groceries  like Toro brand soups & Mixes,

Pickled herring 

Of course the crew left with a bag full of Freia Norwegian Chocolate, it is the best!

Other Norwegian themed places the crew filmed were our NOW RETIRED friends at The Nordic Maid, a fantastic Scandinavian Gift Shop and the Leikarringen Dancers at the Poulsbo Sons of Norway Lodge (a great group of kids btw!)


  1. Awesome!! How fun!! ...and now I'm hungry!!

  2. Well hop into your car and I will fix you a meal!


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