World Class Freia Norwegian Chocolates are the Hershey of Norway with a metric ton of Quality! Five Star Goodness!!

Oh my Goodness, this is one of the best Chocolates on the planet!  The package is a foil-lined paper that you can easily peel down the expose the little delights.  Stacked on top of one another, they are about an inch high and round. As you can see in the photo they are filled with a soft buttery caramel that is not overly sweet so it does not compete with the chocolate, instead, they complement each other, really lovely.

You can buy Freia Milk Chocolate here

A famous and dear classic from 1920. This is a pure milk chocolate of the best quality. With milk from Norwegian cows, Freia Milk chocolate has a natural place in Norwegian homes ... we call it a little piece of Norway.  The chocolate is smooth and rich with a lingering caramel aftertaste- delicious!

Firklover consists of delicious Freia Milk chocolate and chopped and roasted hazelnuts. A little mouthful of chocolate and crunchy nuts that melt on the tongue.

The physical appearance of the Quick Lunch bar is very similar to the US Kit Kat bar but I assure that the taste of this Norwegian favorite leaves the Kit Kat in the dust.  The milk chocolate is creamy and rich, the cookie is crisp and light.  

Kvikk Lunsj is more than a chocolate, it is part of the Norwegian people's soul. What people ate before 1937 did not know - but today it's unthinkable to say "out of luck, never angry" if you've forgotten Kvikk Lunch at home. Kvikk Lunch offers four crispy cookies covered with Freia Milk Chocolate and is a traditional treat for all- small and large.

Please note that during the summer months ice pack shipping is a must in order for you to receive perishable and meltable products in prime condition. 


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