Calling all the Daim lovers!All the countries love including - Daim Norway, Sweden and Germany !


Daim is a crunchy crisp classic with almond crocus, covered with soft milk chocolate that melts on the tongue. Ever since launch in 1953, Daim has been a favorite of those who like something extra good to snack on.   You can get Daim in a two-bar pack or in the individually wrapped minis, both shown.  Daim Mini is a dear member of the popular Daim family. Miniature, crispy toffee butter almond nougat covered with milk chocolate. Perfect to share with family and friends or as a garnish for cakes and tarts.

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Marabou Daim - a mixture of two of our biggest favorites. With crushed Daim in the chocolate, it becomes completely irresistible. 

Milka & Daim is the delicately melting chocolate treat made from Alpine milk chocolate made from 100% Alpine milk with crispy Daim pieces.

Please note that during the summer months ice pack shipping is a must in order for you to receive perishable and meltable products in prime condition. 


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