National Bourbon Day June 14 what did you do to celebrate?

Driving into work today I noticed Flags everywhere - It's National Bourbon Day! Gotta Love Poulsbo, WA for stepping up the game!

Celebrate America's "Native Spirit" on National Bourbon Day - June 14
There is something about bourbon that’s captured our global attention. In North America sales have soared and in the U.S., where bourbon originates, one of the nation’s most popular whiskey makers reversed a decision to water down its recipe in an effort to meet worldwide demand.
Some say the rise in bourbon sales is due to the growth of small batch and single barrel bourbon in the 1990s, while others say it has to do with the resurgence in popularity of hard-liquor swilling characters and settings on television shows such as Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to raise a glass of the sweetened amber spirit June 14 as we celebrate the splendor of this great whiskey on National Bourbon Day!
Also of note: September is National Bourbon Heritage Month

National Bourbon Day

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