Marina Market and Sogno di Vino in Poulsbo, WA join Seattle herring week Remember this fish lovers?

Marina Market has a huge variety of fresh frozen and smoked fish, also a huge variety of canned, tinned and refrigerated herring

IQF Herring Fillets from Bristol Bay, Alaska.  Harvested for their roe, these gems are comparable to mackerel in oil content.

So what is the big deal?  10 Years ago, the local Washington State Herring stocks suddenly crashed. Very few people noticed.
Herring is a rich, flavorful fish full of Omega-3 fatty acids. It’s a traditional food for Native American and Scandinavian cuisines with a huge variety of preparations outside of the stereotypical pickled herring.
It’s also a cornerstone of the Pacific marine ecosystem. Their disappearance in our local area is an indicator of our responsibility to steward our waters.

Fresh or non-pickled herring is no longer available in Washington State.  Many chefs and consumers have never tasted it this simple and delicious fish that is so rich in Pacific Northwest heritage. Now that Alaska stocks are flourishing in near-record numbers, we've gotten a chance to bring some to Seattle and give consumers a chance to try it.  Our hope is that once tasted, the demand will allow the fish to once again be available through our own local fish markets and grocers.
Join a participating Seattle restaurant during Herring week to try herring prepared by some of Seattle’s best chefs and to raise awareness of the cultural and ecological significance of this important species.
Visit participating Restaurants (June 8-14) for a chance to try this amazing fish:

- Schooner Exact, SoDo
- Chippy's, Ballard
- Tavern Law, Capitol Hill
- Scandinavian Specialties, Ballard (grocery)

(For Restaurant Samples, please contact


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