IFA Salty Black Licorice from Nider Norway

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IFA are pastilles with real liquorice launched in 1930, originally endorsed by the well known Norwegian opera singer Ivar F. Andresen. Ivar Frithiof Andresen was a Norwegian opera singer.
By some called "the voice of the century", Andresen was the first Norwegian to perform at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. A bass, he was considered one of the best Wagner-interpreters of his time.

In Norway, he is today probably best known for adorning the box of the cough drop brand "IFA", produced by Nidar. Since the 1930s Andresen's face has been seen on the package, along with a quote recommending the product to "singers, public speakers, smokers, and athletes." Wiki
IFA (pronounced as a word I-FA) is a very popular black licorice pastille. It does come in a variety of flavors such as the sugar-free licorice and strawberry and the sugar-free licorice and chili pepper.


We will be getting a fresh shipment of Nidar Doc Halslinser.  From the Nidar.no website:
"When we Norwegians have a pain in our throats or just want something good, we are happy to eat Doc '. Doc 'is known to be good for the throat while the pastilles taste good.
The combination of good taste and soothing effect makes Doc 'a very popular pastille. Every year we eat close to 200 million Docs here!

Good for the throat
Nidar Doc Halslinser

Doc 'contains menthol, which is a soothing ingredient with good effects. Menthol is known to relieve both a sore throat and cough and, in addition to opening up a tight nose. In addition to menthol, the pastilles also contain licorice, anise, fennel, eucalyptus, honey, fennel, acerola and c vitamins, which are also ingredients that are known to have positive effects."


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