Toro brand Norwegian tomatsuppe med makaroni (tomato soup with macaroni)

Imported from Norway TORO Tomato Macaroni Soup 

Buy Toro Tomato Soup at Marina Market
Toro brand of Norway makes the best-dried tomato soup ever! In Norwegian it is tomatsuppe med makaroni (tomato soup with macaroni) it comes in pouches - dry, you add water. Add French bread and butter and a green salad and you have a complete meal in less than 10 minutes.

For an authentic Scandinavian touch, hard boil a couple of eggs and add one to each bowl, sounded odd, tasted fantastic!! This soup has a tomato taste that is so different than what we think of as tomato soup here in the states.  Why you might wonder would I say such an outrageous statement?   TORO sundries all of the vegetables they use which besides being healthier, super concentrates the flavors- YUM!!

This is the regular version without the macaroni. It is just as tasty and ready in 5 minutes!

Just looking at the package makes me think that I must have this tonight!
I'm just happy to have dinner ready in 5 minutes.


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