Tasty Bite Indian ready made meals delicious and easy dinner options for busy people

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I make dinner almost every night for my family, it is my 'me' time but everyone has a day when you are just too tired when you get home to make the dinner that you want to.  For the most part, after working at the store all day - and longer- I bring home a fresh veg like broccoli and a couple of pouches of Tasty Bite and an easy healthy dinner is served up and on a plate in minutes. 

Tasty Bite Ready to Eat  Indian Meals
Our Madras Lentils are a quintessential recipe from India. Soft lentils and red kidney beans are slow-cooked in a creamy tomato sauce with onions and a variety of spices. Serve as a hearty soup, lentil & bean chili, or as a delicious blanket over a bed of rice. 
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Tasty Bite ready to eat Basmati Rice
Fully cooked Basmati Rice from India. Plain. Simple. Organic. A perfect accompaniment for many of our Tasty Bite entrees.

Water, Basmati Rice, Sunflower Oil

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