How does Toro brand from Norway make their soup, sauces and meal mixes taste so good? Also how Good Food Quality ingredients impact Best By dating.

Here you can read more about the different ways we in TORO make our food.

Drying - Nature's own storage method
When we dry food, we reduce the amount of water. When water is gone, shelf life increases because water is important for the growth of unwanted substances in the food.

How would everyday life be without flour, coffee, cocoa powder, raisins, rice and seeds/sprouts? Baking would be challenging, and not least time consuming if the oat plants were to be cleaned, dried and crushed before we could make bread. plants; We would not have had the opportunity to plant seeds and see them germinate to colorful crops by adding water only! Water + seeds = life! It is this principle TORO uses in its products: drying vegetables crushed to powder. Then you add the water that is removed when you prepare the food at home.

Good durability and safer food!
When we dry food, we reduce the amount of water. When water is gone, shelf life increases because water is important for the growth of unwanted substances in the food.

Taste and nutrients are essentially preserved. A good example is tomatoes that are dried to sun-dried tasting bombs with high levels of antioxidant lycopene. The tomato flavor gets stronger and if we put them in water they will absorb a lot of the water that was when it was fresh. Roses, oatmeal, and spices are examples of nutritious and tasty foods very many of us include in the daily diet. Modern drying takes place in large hot-air ovens which make the water evaporates completely naturally. The dried food is ground to powder and can thus be included in pots, soups, and sauces.

Vitamins and minerals
All food loses when we treat it. When you cut and cook vegetables in water, water-soluble vitamins disappear. In particular, vitamin C is exposed to loss during cooking and drying. However, other nutrients lose very little. Both proteins and minerals are almost identical between a dry and wet product. The preservation of nutrients in dried foods is actually higher than with any other forms of preservation!

Favorable to the environment
By removing the water we reduce the volume of the products, so we need less packaging and can transport the food more efficiently. Why bring water and a lot of extra weight when we like to add water at home and save the environment for unnecessary climate emissions? By storing the food for a long time, we can also reduce food waste if it should deteriorate.

Chilled food - Freshness with good quality!
Chilled food has its great advantage that it can be stored for some time in almost fresh condition. You get the food quite close as it is from nature, and preservatives are not always necessary.

We put milk, cold cuts, raw meat and fish in the fridge. We do this to maintain the best quality of raw materials over the longest possible time. When the food is cooled, we "slow down" the aging processes and the food stays
fresher for a longer period of time. If the meat has stayed for a few days in the refrigerator, we can cook it up and in this way increase the shelf life further by the heat killing possible harmful small bacteria.

Cooling and heat treatment for better durability and safer food are among the most common methods we use in the modern kitchen.

TORO's chilled ready meals use just these two factors. Our unique and gentle cooking takes care of the nutrients and emphasizes the good flavors so you will have a nice and tasty meal! Something loss of
Vitamin C should be considered as also by other cooking methods. Otherwise, the nutritional content is well maintained and the food is safe as long as the packages are kept cool (0-4 degrees) and dark.

Like all fresh food, there is limited shelf life and we can easily find this by looking at the "best before" date. At the same time, a lot of food is safe to eat after the "best before" date. The packing for TORO ready meals withstands heat and keeps the air out so that aging processes are kept on track.

TORO chilled ready meals have the same nutritional value and are made with the same principles as the food you make on the kitchen counter.

Best before…

Dried foods are labeled "best before" and mean that the food tastes best before the date on the product. It does not mean that the food is "dangerous" to eat afterward, only that the taste can be slightly changed. This means that you can safely eat dried foods that have expired on a date, just be aware that the taste might need a slight boost.


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