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Award-winning 'Truffle & Salt', plus 'Fennel & Salt', 'Saffron & Salt', 'Fiori & Salt', 'Porcini & Salt', and new 'Herb & Salt', in an elegant, space-saving container. An excellent introduction to one of the world's finest lines of artisan salts. The ultimate stocking stuffer for food lovers and kitchen enthusiasts alike! (6 x 1.1-ounce jars).

A perfect Gift for anyone who Eats!

Displayed in an elegant column. A perfect stocking stuffer for food lovers!

A new savory blend of Adriatic sea salt, air-dried Parmesan cheese, and Italian summer truffle. An instant classic!

Miller Farms Toasted Almonds with “Truffle & Salt”

Subtle, elegant, and earthy with great flavor and crunch - roasted almonds cooked in olive oil and tossed with Casina Rossa “Truffle & Salt”. Sourced directly from farmer/producer Kent Miller of  Miller Farms, California. A natural choice for appetizers and snacks.
Casina Rossa “Truffle & Salt” Minis

Miniature single-serving packs of “Truffle & Salt”. Gives customers a low-commitment way to sample an award-winning condiment. Also a lifesaver for unforeseen gustatory predicaments


This truffle seasoning is great to use as a finish on any dish. Truffle Zest is a powdered spice blend that is gluten-free, Non-GMO, No MSG, and Allergen Free.

Natural flavor, carob powder, salt, black summer truffle, flavors
Recommended uses: Best to use as a finish. Truffle Zest has great versatility and can be sprinkled on pasta, pizza, salads, eggs, and potatoes. It can be mixed into sauces, soups, dressings, and used in various other applications!

Click here to buy Santini’s White Truffle Oil contains 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil that is infused with white truffles (Tuber Magnatum Pico). It is bottled in Alba, a town in the Piedmont region of Italy that is renowned for its white truffles. Our White Truffle Oil adds a pungent, earthy, complex flavor to any number of pasta dishes. It can also be added to whipped foods like mashed potatoes and deviled eggs to add an unexpected depth of flavor.

Click here to buy Santini’s Black Truffle Oil contains 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is infused with black truffles (Tuber Melansuporum Vitt). Our product originates in Norcia, an ancient city in the Southeast corner of Umbria, Italy. Reports of cuisines made with black truffles from Norcia date back to ancient Roman times. The savory and hintingly sweet perfume of Santini’s Black Truffle Oil is a little more subtle and refined than its White Truffle Oil cousin. Great to drizzle over risottos, frittatas, focaccias and pizzas, bowls of pasta and thick soups.


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