ON SALE! Great Deal on Freia Norsk Sjokolade Kong Haakon, Amazing Norwegian boxed Chocolate is a great Gift any time of year!

Freia Kong Haakon Chocolates

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Celebrate the Norwegian Olympians with  Norsk Sjokolade!

Eating a box of Freia Kong Haakon  is a tough assignment!
I thought it would be nice to describe the flavors so that someone interested in this box would have a good idea of what they are getting for themselves or a gift recipient.

First of all, you just can't compare this to the average box of chocolates. It's a big one for sure, but each chocolate is high quality and just the right size. (Unless you are me and just eat them all.)

There are 16 different varieties and several have marzipan and/or liquor flavor which is quite pleasing. The centerpiece is the Dyten (Cognac Marzipan) which is a treasure. I love marzipan and dark chocolate, and throw in cognac? Heck, I couldn't ask for anything more!

The Likor Troffel (Liquor Truffle) is a delicate, lighter truffle with a hint of liquor flavor and does not pack the wallop of some of the others in the box.

The Marador (Crispy Nougat) is a creamy milk chocolate with a light crispy nougat finish. This is one the kids will enjoy, and keep them out of the ones you really like!

Mandelsplitter (Roasted Almonds) is also a milk chocolate nut-filled truffle. It is very smooth with a great nut flavor.

Orangemarsipan (Orange Marzipan) is the classic marzipan flavor with orange peel wrapped in delicious milk chocolate. It reminds me quite a bit of the taste of Cointreau. The Mocca (Nougat with Coffee) has a great taste and a very nice long finish. My mouth was watering 5 minutes after tasting that one.

Eggedosis (Egg Liquor) is something I have never understood. I guess it comes down to me not really knowing what egg liquor is. It doesn't taste like liquor at all to me, but the chocolate is good quality and the overall taste is mild and sweet. I know that egg liquor is popular among Scandinavians and found in many chocolates from the region as well as the EU.

The Rom-rosin (Rum Raisin) is delicious and just what you would expect from high quality mixed chocolates. I have always liked this combination and this is a good example of it. The Punsj (Marzipan with Punch) is a nice marzipan and chocolate treat and since I love marzipan, this is among my favorites.

The Lucullus (Cherry and Liquor) is indeed the best of the bunch in my opinion, but that is based on a magnetic attraction between my taste buds and anything with dark chocolate, cherry, and liquor. I could eat these all day.

Also included in this amazing array are several other delightful chocolates, but at this time, I cannot possibly taste another.


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