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The Licorice Shrine, part 2

I don't think I've posted a photo of our newest Licorice Shrine!  It's gorgeous!  The black and white tiles are separated pieces of the hugely favored RJ's licorice Allsorts from New Zealand.  They are pictured below.   The pink and yellow colored pieces line the back of the shrine.
Assorted Sweet Licorice 
Our lovely friend Zoe once again did the honor of making this Shrine, this time with kinetic movement.  I think you can also see that she was inspired by the Seahawks!  This makes us twice as happy!  (edited) We will forever be grateful and treasure Zoes work on these two Licorice Shrines, they are deeply personal to me and I will always cherish them as I will Zoe's memory.  I think you were 7 or 8 when our families met through the dojo Zoe, you will always be remembered with love, may you rest in peace forevermore.


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