Silver City Deluxe Spring Lager


Huge malt aroma from the bottle and off the head. Pours very clear golden with a nice white head. The head dissipates fairly quickly but leaves a thin blanket and some lacing. very clean malt flavor, hint of hops, spices, excellent body and extremely easy drinking. Great carbonation and slightly oily. For me, this would be the PERFECT all Summer beer, and I am glad the bottled beer is just as good as it is on tap. Tasted from the bottle @ 54F.


This golden lager is an ideal spring beer that refreshes on a warm day, yet warms on a cool one. Representative of beer brewed before prohibition, Deluxe's exceptional refreshing character comes from the use of flaked corn in the mash. The result is a smooth, full flavored light bodied lager with a pleasant, sweet grain character.


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