Beautiful label. Aroma from the neck of wheat, malt, and faint lemon. Pours fairly clear golden with thin white head. Lightly carbonated and smells like candy. Now & Laters? Not much aroma for me. Flavor is interesting. Seems very well balanced with little hint of a 9% ABV. Mild wheat flavor, a little faint lemony tart note, and a shwoosh of salty bittering hops on the finish. Wow! Subtle yet very nice drinker. There is a bit of a wine-like character to this brew, and I think that is carried by the salty & robust mouthfeel If you like wheat beers, this is a must try! Tasted from the bottle @ 56F.

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Wheat ale brewed with lemongrass and muscat grape juice with lemongrass added. This brew has a traditional malt backbone, hints of late harvest grape sweetness, and a distinct lemongrass flavor and aroma. Champagne and ale yeasts were used in tandem to produce a sparkling, crisp, yet fruity profile. Alchemy and crystal hops balance and compliment the citrus, earthy, and spicy notes of the beer.


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