Pours cloudy, extremely dark and with encouragement, a nice tan head. No light gets through with an LED flashlight. ZERO. The head is slow to dissipate and is clinging to the glass. Aroma of roasty malts, dark fruit, chocolate and coffee. Medium sweetness, coffee, mild bittering on the finish, and a slight tart note. Definite char coffee flavor with a slightly chalky finish. Mouthfeel is wicked. Creamy, sticky but not to the point of cloying. Not much carbonation either, as is typical for the style. This is a well balanced beer with a bit of a punch, but honestly, I would never guess it is 11% ABV. As it warms up more, I do get a bit of alcohol on the nose. Tasted from the bottle @ 60F.

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From this small Dutch brewpub situated on an island in southwestern Holland we bring you the extraordinary creations of brewmaster Kees Bubberman. Prior to running the show at Emelisse, Kees was widely regarded around the Dutch beer geek circuit as the best homebrewer in the country. Running joke was that in any beer competition Kees entered, everyone else was fighting for 2nd prize. He established a well-earned reputation as a first-rate artisanal brewer, and the Emelisse brewpub came calling. Today, he's turning out some of the very finest stuff Europe has to offer, and though the Emelisse beers are still largely undiscovered except by those in the know across the pond, that is seriously about to change. We're here to help with that.
The Emelisse Imperial Russian Stout is a uniquely crafted take on the style and is matured on oak for 2 months. Pitch black, robust, and richly complex, this exceptional ale is intended to be savored and consumed carefully.


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