Norwegian Iron Chef Contest Winners in Poulsbo, circa 2008, we are still reigning Champs! May 17th Norwegian Consitution Day Celebration!

Ah, once again a fantastic Seventeenth (17th) of May Celebration in Poulsbo, Wa. Viking Fest is a 3-day Norwegian festival that has been occurring for 50 years. One of my favorite parts of the event is the Viking Village. What happens is this the Vikings ( the Society for Creative Anachronism) set up an encampment near the Sons of Norway Lodge in the park. They cook over a fire pit, sleep in realistic lodging and basically show us modern folk how the real Vikings lived. Whole families do this! It's very cool with lots of chain mailing armor and other historical weaponry. On display was a dragon head, made by Sven (aka Redbeard) as a bow piece for a longboat -amazing!
It is typical for about 30 thousand or more people to come to this event. I am pretty sure that we have one of the longest parades around at just about 2 hours and nearly 100 entrants!

Viking Iron Chefs at Work
This year was the first Poulsbo Iron Chef Competition added into the mix. I sponsored a team. And guess what -we WON!!!

At left is my team Chef Michael Trevors of Michael's Market Kitchen was joined by teammates Former Poulsbo Sons of Norway Lodge President and current School Board member Glen Robbins and Clearwater Casino Executive Chef Matt Lamagna.

The secret ingredient was (drum roll) Potatoes!

With the challenge of making 2 Norwegian dishes, you have to have potatoes!

The guys were well prepared (Glen is authentically Norwegian). They decided upon Potato Soup with dill and a King Salmon Roulade stuffed with a potato and Tine Snofrisk spreadable goat cream cheese (Michael got behind the counter at the fish market and scaled it himself!)

POTATO DUMPLINGS (klubb, kumle, kumpe) click here to get notified when they are back in stock with salt pork. I will post the recipe later when I get them from Michael. They were absolutely delicious though. Oh, I almost forgot the Surkal! Which is cabbage sauteed with current or apple juice and caraway seeds.


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