Pours dark dark dark, light beige head, with hoppy aroma. Piney, stone fruit, and alcohol. Medium Mouthfeel, bitter in the middle, and lots of roasty malt. Very much like a black IPA, but with more roast. Resinous throughout, and I would guess a candidate for aging. Tasted @ 58F.


Swordfish Double Cascadian Dark Ale (CDA) is dark in color, with a prominent "Northwest" hoppy aroma - citrusy, piney and resinous - with sweet malt, hints of roastiness and toasted malt. The flavors strike a beautiful balance between citrusy Northwest hops and, to a lesser degree, roasted, chocolate malt or caramel notes. Despite it's rich color, the body is more reminiscent of an India Pale Ale, not heavy like a porter or stout. It takes the very deft hands of our Fish brewers to make these flavors play well together so that they don't fight one another. But as you'll see with Swordfish CDA, when that perfect balance is struck, something sublime happens; the result becomes more than the sum of its parts and you'll finally taste what makes a Cascadian Dark Ale so special.


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