Abba Pickled Herring open faced sandwich recipe with Finn Crisp bread


For six sandwiches;
1 jar (240 g) Abba  Herring
6 slices Finn Crisp Crackers
6 pieces (about 150 g) Norvegia Ost or other mild cheese
1 tablespoon chopped chives
1 small red onion

Add one slice Norvegia cheese on a slice Finn Crisp. Add a few pieces of Abba  Herring. Top with some chopped chives and a few onion rings.

Norvegia Ost:  Tine Norvegia is the best selling cheese, and "everyone" in Norway has a relationship with the gentle, good Norvegia flavor. Norvegia has a mild taste and can be used for any meal. Norvegia is suitable for slicing and shredding and has good melting properties that fit well in both cold and hot dishes. Such as salads, sauces, tacos, pizza, and pie, as well as cheese sandwiches. A product of Norway. Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, salt, rennet, raising agents (calcium chloride E 509) and preservative (sodium nitrate E 251).


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