Alex's Meat Sausage Salo or Fat Back bacon fat

Bacon Salo with the rind on- Fat back is processed into slab bacon by many methods, including brine curing, dry curing, smoking, or boiling. Usually the skin (rind) is left on.

Hungarian Pork fatback (fat back salo) with Paprika

This fatback bacon is widely eaten throughout Europe. In Polish, it is called boczek, since it comes from the side of the pig and has long been a key component of bigos. In Italy it is called lardo, and a notable example is Valle d'Aosta Lard d'Arnad. In Ukraine, Russia, and other Russian-speaking areas of the former Soviet Union, it is called salo. In Hungary, where it is called szalonna, it is very popular for campfire cookouts (szalonnasütés). In Germany, where it is called Rückenspeck (back pork fat), it is one of two cuts known as Speck (cold smoked ham, made from the hind leg of pork).

 You may have heard of salo or lardons in cooking . Homemade lard rendered from fatback   In French cooking, very thinly sliced fatback is used to line the mold when making a terrine or pâté, and thin strips of fatback are inserted under the skin of lean gamebirds for roasting. These techniques are barding and larding, respectively, and in both the fatback is used without the rind. Fatback also is used to make lardons, salt pork, and lard.


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