Sambal Stir Fry

Tonight we have Indonesian Sambal Stir Fry, and as always, I modified the recipe to include more fresh vegetables. Using the recipe on the back as a starting point, I stir fried cut up fingerling potatoes, wedge cut onions, sliced leeks, carrot pieces, and lamb cubes in olive oil. I also added some finely chopped garlic. Once I had this partially cooked, I added the Sambal Siry Fry mix and some peeled, cut up whole tomatoes. I allowed this to simmer to get full flavor, and served with Kokita Yellow Rice.

This was an easy and very satisfying dish, and similar meals can be made using seafood, chicken, or beef. With about 10 -15 minutes of total prep time and 10 minutes of cooking, this is indeed an efficient meal with huge flavor.

Asian Home Gourmet Sambal Stir Fry Spice paste. This spicy, robust spice paste is used in authentic Indonesian cuisine to give the exotic flavouring to fried seafood and vegetables. Asian Home Gourmet Spice mixes are made in Thailand.


  1. It was a delicious dinner, thank you! I love using that Sambal, it is so versatile, I especially love it with the pressed tofu we use.


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