New flavors of Hotlips Soda now available at Marina Market

HOTLIPS Soda is made to worship the magnificent fruits and berries grown in the Pacific Northwest. With taste blasts and shifts in flavor, and surprising notes and harmonies, each sip tells the story of prime growing conditions and the hard work of growers.

HOTLIPS Soda is real fruit soda, traditionally brewed. Picked-ripe fruit is cooked in open kettles, bringing out its nuanced flavors. Seeds are filtered out (but not pulp), then water, pure cane sugar and organic lemon juice are added. Then it is carbonated, put into bottles and pasteurized.

Chef-driven and overseen, our sodas contain lots of real fruit—no shortcuts, supplements, artificial flavors, colors or trickery. And no corn syrup. Brewed throughout the year in Portland, even the bottles are made from 80% locally manufactured recycled glass.
You can buy HotLips Hand Brewed Sodas

Early summer declares itself with cherry and raspberry. Late summer brings boysenberry, blackberry, and the haunted-looking beauty — the black raspberry. The nights cool and apples and pears ripen. Flavor nuance in HOTLIPS Soda varies from batch to batch depending on the varietal, the heat of the day and cool of the night. Creating connoisseurs young and old as they compare batches, seasons and years, equalizing food snobs and kids.  Just $2.59 for a bottle of Hotlips bliss.


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