Scandinavian Samples at Marina Market this Weekend - Graddost Cheese, Wasa Flatbread, Frybe Wieners and Schwartau Nuss Fit (like Nutella) Yummy Times!

Graddost Cheese is a Swedish Favorite sold at
  This Graddost Cheese is made in Denmark, it it marketed as a Swedish Style Havarti.  Graddost is deliciously mild and very creamy it is Sweden's most popular cheese. Graddost has a smooth, pale yellow, natural rind . The name means "manor house" in Swedish. It was created at the beginning of the century Graddost can also be called Herrgarsost, it  melts easily and keeps well with  a mild nuttiness and fresh zing tang. It is ripened for up to seven months and has a fat content of around 45 per cent.

My notes on Graddost Cheese  are as follows:  cow milk, Buttery, creamy,custardy,smooth, springy, vevelty, balanced, buttery, lactic, milky, mildly nutty and toasty.


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