The easiest way to make Flan Creme Caramel is Dr. Oetker Flan Mix

One of the very few desserts I will order at a restaurant is Flan.  Now I can easily make it at home with this easy Dr. Oetker Flan Mix.

Dr. Oetker has this to say about this mix:  "One of our most popular and sought after premium desserts. Our customers can't get enough of this restaurant quality treat that's easy to prepare at home. Creamy, decadent and delicious describes this easy-to-prepare treat. Crème Caramel comes with a rich ready to use caramel sauce.  You can Purchase this Dr. Oetker mix here.

Dessert Mix: Fructose, dextrose, cornstarch, sugar, dried whole egg, carrageenan, artificial flavor, artificial color, Yellow 5, Yellow 6.
Caramel Sauce: Glucose syrup, glucose-fructose, caramel color, water, sugar, sulphur dioxide (a preservative).


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