Dr. Oetker makes homemade pudding fast and simple! Chocolate and Vanilla 5 minute cooked puddings.

I had a tonsil patient who could only eat soft foods for a week, ice cream was great, but what else could I get into his tummy?  I made him pudding and he loved it!  It was so fast and easy that it is going to become a regular thing.  One thing I really like about using this mix was being able to control how much sugar went into the final product.  I will experiment on using a bit more milk then is called for to see if it can be made a little 'looser'.

Here is what Dr. Oetker has to say about the Vanilla, (I could go without the addition of dye).  "Prepare our traditional Dr. Oetker Vanilla Cooked Puddings with 2% or whole milk. Available in a variety of flavors, Dr. Oetker traditional cooked puddings are perfect for pies, tarts or just eating pudding as a snack on its own!

Ingredients: Cornstarch, dextrose, carrageenan, salt, artificial flavor, Yellow 5, Yellow 6

The Chocolate pudding is a much Cleaner Product.  Ingredients:  Cornstarch, dutched cocoa (processed with alkali), dextrose, salt.  You can Purchase Dr. Oetker dessert mixes here.


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