This IS the coconut water mentioned by Joe Rogan in his Podcast A Better Body Deserves a Better Water. C2O Pure Coconut Water is an all natural, isotonic beverage that is rich in Potassium and other key electrolytes that keep your body naturally hydrated. Try some and see the amazing benefits of Coconut Water hydration and why it was used during wartime as a Plasma substitute.
Coconut water is the liquid found within young coconuts before they reach maturity (not to be confused with coconut milk). While the leading sports drink contains 14 g of sugar, 110 mg of sodium and 30 mg of potassium, C20 coconut water has only 10 g of sugar, 42 mg of sodium and 244 mg of potassium. In addition to potassium, C20 also contains the vital minerals, calcium and magnesium, which sports drinks primarily lack. With a natural balance of necessary salts and minerals and a comparable amount of electrolytes to that found in the human blood, it is no wonder that C20 coconut water has emerged as the perfect alternative to the average sports drink.


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