Unibroue Quelque Chose

hmmm...I have been meaning to try this for so long, and tonight's the night! Highly recommended by local beer geeks, I finally gave it a try. Strong cherry and alcohol nose, nice medium+ palate, and very pleasing flavor. It really strikes me as a combination of a cherry beer and a spiced hot wine. Strong cherry ale, alcohol & hops notes. Yes, I actually did get some bittering hops and was impressed with that aspect of this beer. Not overly cloying, and one heck of a winter warmer. I would definitely enjoy this again. Tasted @ 104F.



Hybrid (blend of a Belgian kriek ale with a brown ale brewed in Chambly). Quelque Chose is strong cherry ale that is to be drunk hot! "Quelque Chose" is a popular French-Canadian expression that is used like "that's something"


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