Marina Market Unique Holiday Stocking Stuffers are in stock!

We haves so many fantastic inexpensive Stocking Stuffer in this year, and more are coming this week! Classic Brach's Arabian Nights Candy Bowl Mix, who doesn't remember this from Grandma's House?

Bacchus Gluhwein is Mulled (Heated) Red Wine with spices.  It is great after a hard day out in the snow, or for a cozy night in by the fire.  Spices include cardamom and clove.
Loadsa Sweets is just one of our large bags of treats that are perfect for an easy Stocking Stuffer Candy Mix.  We also have Haribo Rockstar Mix,

Just for fun we have the Frozen lips lolly pops, the lolly is on the backside so it looks like your lips are frozen and blue!

Everyone deserves a little Marzipan for the Holiday Season, one of our favorite Marzipan is the delightful Marzipan Pig, the one shown above is just one of the many styles of Marzipan Pigs that  we have in stock.   Chocolate Covered Marzipan Bars, Anthon Berg Filled Marzipan Discs, Plain Marzipan for Baking, whew the list goes on and on!

We have a very nice selection and variety of Christmas tree Ornaments including Lace and Delft Blue Tree Ornaments .

Check back later for more Holiday Stocking Stuffer ideas, or go to the Marina Market website and look for yourself!


  1. If you are interested in licorice you should try to get your hands on some Icelandic licorice. We have a lot of different kinds and we've been mixing licorice, chocolate and marzipan (with excellent result might I add) for decades. Stuff like Tromp, Djúpur, Draumur, Þristur and Appóló lakkrís from Nói Siríus, Góa and Sambó.. Worth taking a look at :)

  2. I have tasted some of the Icelandic Licorice and love it! I have been trying to find Siríus chocolate bars for years! Please tell me more about how I can buy from you J Where are you located?


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