Jewbelation Fourteen

Wow. So I am giving this a little extra since it is so young but has great potential. Pours very dark with frothy tan head. Huge booze, wood, and malt aroma from the neck.Very strong tasting with lots of malts, dark fruit, and hop undertones. Definite hoppy finish bathed in booze, wood and chocolate. This is one to lay down for a while for sure. Tasted from the 22 OZ @ 55F. Two of these and you're toast.
At age 14, is Shmaltz Brewing still the throes of adolescence? After publishing Craft Beer Bar Mitzvah, a new small business saga, I'll leave it up to you, Dear Reader. As with many 14 year olds, this years Jewbelation is all about Hands, Hearts and Farts. 14 is the numerical value of the Hebrew word for "hand." The human hand contains 14 digital bones and 14 joints. 14 items to fill the Passover seder plate, narrating the Exodus of the Hebrews - "and with a might hand did the Revolution bring us out of Egypt." Jacob labored 14 years to earn marriage to Leah and Rachel. Over a lifetime, the average American spends 14 days kissing. Valentine's day, Feb. 14, dates to a pagan festival for the she-wolf who suckled mythical founders of Rome, Romulus, and Remus. 14 lines structure a sonnet. Romeo and Juliet unfolds 14 days before Juliet's 14th birthday. Carbon 14 dating proves the age of organic materials. Woody Allen, now married to his once not-daughter and not a spokesman for American Apparel, received 14 Oscar nominations for best screenplay and directed 14 other actors in nominated performances. 14 Jews serve in the senate. The current Dalai Lama is the 14th leader of the Tibetan people. A hummingbird's heart flutters about 1400 beats per minute. Dr. Oz reported on Oprah that humans fart on average of 14 times a day. At age 41 and in our 14th year of brewing, the numerical sychronicity will happen only once in my lifetime. Here's to being here now. L'Chaim!


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