Tine Ridder Ost Norwegian Cheese

Ridder was developed in Norway in the late 1960's and it is produced in a small dairy at one of the most beautiful fjords of Western Norway. As its translated name "Knight" suggests, it is a cheese with a strong characteristic flavor.

Ridder is a recurring favourite on Norwegian cheeseboards, and is popular in many European countries and in Japan. It is a semi-hard cheese without holes, aged in a putty rind and it has an aromatic, piquant taste that can easily turn rather sharp.

Ridder is available with an orange waxing or vacuum packed without the waxing. The unwashed, rinded Ridder cheese has the sharpest taste.

Ridder is well suited as a sandwich filling or a simple after-dinner savoury with or without fruit and is a natural choice for cheeseboards.


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