Hachez Cocoa D'Arriba 77%

So my darling wife brought home a new chocolate bar for me to try... Hachez 77% Cocoa D'Arriba, strawberry & pepper bar. Wow! Dark bar, whole peppercorns, and strong aroma of strawberry. I was expecting some over-the-top barely edible chocolate, but to my surprise, this is a very nicely balanced bar with subtle flavors of strawberry and pepper. The pepper is more of an after-taste.

But the key point for me, is that it's real strawberry and peppercorns, not flavoring. You really can taste the difference. And the 77% cocao content is NOT a deal-breaker. It is smooth, delicious, and fun.

Oh, 2nd mouthful...much more pepper! Now the green peppercorns are really dancing in my mouth. Very nice indeed. Strange to eat a bar with whole peppercorns in it, but it does add to the excitement in some measure. Will I get a rush of pepper, or a smooth strawberry taste? Uh, oh...It's all gone.


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