BridgePort Hop Harvest Ale

Floral, citrus, alcohol, and hops aroma. Solid frothy head that lays down after a bit. Well balanced IPA with a bit of a viscuous mouthfeel. Not creamy but perhaps a bit oily/sticky. I was expecting huge bitter hops taste, and am pleasantly surprised by a nice very drinkable IPA. Pretty damn good, although I don’t really see much difference in the "hop harvest" aspect. Tasted from the 22 oz bottle @ 60°F.

This year’s Hop Harvest features fresh Centennial hops from third-generation, family-owned Goschie Farms in Silverton, Ore. Newly named brewmaster Jeff Edgerton and family recently drove to the farm with a utility trailer and burlap bags, and brought back 400 pounds of fresh Centennial hops. Within an hour, crews cut open the sacks and hops were blended with the base beer that had been prepared in advance and cooled to prevent cooking off the natural citrus and floral notes of the hops. Almost two weeks later, brewers lightly filtered the beer and filled kegs and 22-oz bottles with this farm-fresh brew.


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