Young mild and Springy, Dutch Graskaas Beemster Spring Limited Edition

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In April, the Beemster barn doors open and the cows race out to feast on the fresh, lush, untouched spring spring pastures of the Beemster polder. The cows are so excited over the new growth, they literally leap into the air and “dance.” The milk that is procured from the cows during the first week of open grazing is the most coveted of the year because it allows for the creamiest cheese of the year to be produced. Consumers in Holland anxiously await the arrival of Graskaas every spring. The first wheels to be released from the 1 month of aging are celebrated at the Spring Cheese Festival. Graskaas is an extremely youthful cheese with a semi-soft, creamy texture and mild flavor with floral notes. Beloved by adults and children alike, this cheese can be melted in place of Cheddar or served as a snack. Tasty and light-hearted, Graskaas is the “Nouveau Beaujolais” of the cheese world.


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