Remia Curry Sauce and Sierra Nevada Stout Mustard what do they have in common?

We will be eating them at our Beer tasting tonight!  Did you know that Remia Curry Gewurz ketchup contains Licorice Extract!  It is a sweet curry ketchup that ends with a soft lingering kick.  We will be eating it with Frybe Wieners.  So good!

We will also be tasting
Sierra Nevada Stout and Stoneground Mustard. Made in California, USA. Ingredients: distilled vinegar, water, mustard seed, salt, stout, citric acid, spices. Smooth, strong flavor. Great on sausage!


  1. Hi Katja, remember me! haha... Yeah, it's been a while. Well, just drop by to say hello and also to keep you inform that I'm joining the Project Food Blog Challenge this year. Because of you... I remember you asked to try the FB competition this year. So, I did! Wish me luck! ^_^ Hope you're enjoying your day.
    Best regards, Kristy


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