Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY Tornado- hit my baby sisters street!!


Hello friends and neighbors,

Thursday evening's storm was a memorable event for those of us who experienced it's fury from Park Slope, Brooklyn to Bayside, Queens with horizontal sheets of rain, hail, and powerful winds downing trees on every block.

The rumor that tornadoes had landed was finally confirmed yesterday:

"The National Weather Service confirmed Friday that two tornadoes and a microburst struck the New York City area on Thursday evening.The weaker of the two, with gusts up to 80 miles per hour, was in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The other tornado touched down about two miles south of Flushing, Queens, north of Bayside with winds of 100 miles per hour."

(See attached report from the NWS.)

Given that these two tornadoes and one "microburst" occurred between 5:30-6:00pm at peak rush hour, it's a miracle that only one person was killed (when a tree fell on her car parked on the shoulder of the Grand Central Parkway) and very few were injured. The plant population was not so fortunate as large trees were uprooted and limbs were snapped off like twigs.

After taking care of the flooding in our basement from the torrential downpour, I ventured out to assess the damage. A huge tree was down on our block crushing two parked cars. Our car was just one car away from a huge branch that landed on two other vehicles.

Fortunately the neighborhood seemed to take it all in stride. I encountered one guy whose car was trapped under a giant limb, easing his worries with a scotch on the rocks. Volunteers appeared here and there clearing up whatever mess they could, as the overwhelmed Parks Services began their massive clean-up operation.

By morning, most of the roads had been cleared for passage, but trees and branches covered many sidewalks, and Prospect Park seemed like a triage encampment for wounded trees.

After viewing more than a hundred downed and truncated trees, the enormity of the damage finally sank in. It's a sad sight seeing a once majestic living entity (many more than 100 years old) being readied for the chain saw and wood-chipper. It will take quite some time for the park's landscape to heal from this onslaught.

I have attached a few small pictures below. For those of you who get pleasure viewing tree carnage (or should I say "woodage"?), I have uploaded many more photos to an online gallery at the following link:

I hope you are all well.




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