Want a great new cheese? Try Walnut Gouda Cheese by Dutch cheesemaker Rouveen

Buy Walnut Gouda Cheese Rouveen

Hide this nutty cheese from the squirrels! With its creamy texture and crunchy nuts, Walnut Gouda is irresistible to both man and critter.

Walnut Gouda makes snacking easy, providing a classic cheeseboard combination without all the bother and mess of cracking nuts yourself.

Walnut Gouda turns a mild Gouda into something fantastic and exciting. Subtle yet flavorful, the walnut adds a sensual warmth to the basic Gouda cheese, whose texture is not gummy like many Goudas on the market.

The flecks of walnuts provide a visual accent as well as an interesting contrast in texture. A truly surprising cheese, we recommend serving Walnut Gouda at your next party or get-together.

This Gouda is a natural fit for pears and apples. Some even enjoy it with a nutty ale or a hearty port wine.

Rouveen is the maker of this cheese as well as the name of a rural city in Holland famous for its cheeses.


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