Now selling Gouda Cheese with walnuts and Ewephoria Sheeps milk cheese from Holland

Gouda Cheese with walnuts is a fantastic addition to any cheese plate.  In homemade ravioli you can make a delicious filling by mixing shredded walnut Gouda into your ricotta filling.  You can buy Walnut Gouda here at

If you haven't tried Ewephoria Sheep's milk cheese from Holland, you really are missing out on a nice cheese experience.  When this Cheese is aged for 4 months it is called 'mature', when labeled 'aged' it is aged for (at least) an additional 2 months.  The taste is sweet and nutty.  You can look to the photo (left) and see that the first 1" of the cheese shows the aging. The taste profile of this drier part is akin to the lingering sweetness of a parmigiana.  The center of the cheese shows off the semi soft character of the cheese as a whole.  You can buy Ewephoria Sheep Cheese here.his is a vegetarian cheese that is perfect for those lactose intolerant cheese lover among us!
Cheeseland Inc. imports this cheese which is made on a small family-owned farm in the province of North-Holland located at the Wadden Zee . This World Heritage Site is a marshy wildlife preserve with rich-soiled farmland, dense with minerals. The salty sea air and nutritious grass make healthy sheep that produces the sweet milk that makes this cheese so delicious.


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