Maui Brewing CoCoNut PorTeR

Pours ruby black (yeah, I wrote that...) with a wicked stiff tan dome of a head. Wow, fantastic head to be honest! Aroma is strong of nutty toasted malt & ashy. This is a malty beer with strong notes of coconut as the name implies, but I also get some hops as well. When It's cold I get a bit of a metallic flavor, but as it warms up, that goes away. (And I really wonder how much of that is psychosomatic.) Definite caramel, nuts, & toasty coconut wrapped up in a lightly sweet porter.

Deep into this beer I get a creamy butter nuance that really adds depth to the flavor profile. Complex yet so smooth, sticky on the lips, and clinging to the glass. This is a really well made beer!
This beer is a medium bodied full-flavored porter and very enjoyable. And I really like that it's in a can, which is perfect for picnics and boating. I would absolutely buy this again. Tasted from the can @ 55.1F.

COMMERCIAL DESCRIPTION: Our Coconut Porter is a classic robust porter spiced with all natural toasted coconut. It is black in color and crowned with a creamy, dark tan head. It begins with a malty-toasted-coconut aroma followed by a rich, silky mouthfeel with tastes of dark malt, chocolate, and hints of coffee. It then finishes with flavors of toasted coconut and hoppy spice to balance the finish. 5.5% alc. 32 IBU.

You can purchase this beer online at the Marina Market.



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