Wild fruity nose, clear amber with light cream head. Definite sour & wild notes. Very balanced to say-the-least, and reminds me a bit of the Allagash line, in the sense of very well crafted, well balanced beer. Tasted from the bottle @ 45°F.

RATED 97 @

Maredsous Triple is only served on special occasions at the Abbey . This ale has a full, robust character, revelling in its glorious aroma and rich aftertaste. The abbey beer par excellence for the true connoisseur. This is a golden-bodied Triple, replete with festive sparkle, creamy body, and a luscious head. Its elegant smoothness belies the strong alcohol content. You will revel in its balanced, long, and warming finish.

Maredsous is the authentic beer of the Benedictine monks of the abbey of Maredsous in Belgium. The abbey is located in the Belgian Ardennes, south of the City of Namur, in the Province of Namur, next to a picturesque village called Den�e.

At the abbey of Maredsous, 33 monks live, pray and work according the Rule of St Benedict, a tradition that goes back to the 6th century. Dedication and hospitality are the most important values at the abbey of Maredsous.

The library, containing over 400,000 titles, some over 1000 years old and the visitor's center St-Joseph embody these Benedictine values that contribute undisputedly to the authentic taste of the Maredsous abbey beers.

The Maredsous Abbey beers are still brewed, based on the original Benedictine monks' recipe and production is under close supervision of the Abbey's community, represented by the Abbot, Bernard Lorent. An important part of the profit generated by the Maredsous beers, is used for charitable causes.


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