Lost Coast 8 Ball Stout

Aroma of malt, coffee, with citrus notes. Beautiful, stiff tan head, that sticks around for a bit clinging to the glass for life! Dark brown cave...no light getting through this bad boy. Seems fairly clear though. Sweet, slightly bitter, with salt undertones. I would say there was a slightly sour note to the aroma, and this is followed up by a slightly sour flavor note, but totally appropriate for this beer IMO. 8 Ball is VERY smooth & well balanced, and has a superb creamy texture I was not expecting. Moderate carbonation leaning toward light, and no abrupt off-flavors.
This is a very drinkable stout, and in fact I can picture myself enjoying sevral of these in a pub with no regrets. Tasted from the 12 oz bottle @ 53.3°F.


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