Leyden Cheese is known as komijnekaas (cumin cheese) in Holland

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Leyden is a classic Dutch gouda-style cheese seasoned with cumin and caraway seeds. It is made from rich, skimmed, pasteurized cow’s milk with the additional ingredient of buttermilk, and is aged over three months. In Holland it is known as komijnekaas (cumin cheese), but because of its popularity around the city of Leiden, it is exported under the name of Leyden.

As Leyden cheese ages, the highly aromatic cumin seeds draw out whey from the curds so that it has a firmer texture than Edam and a spicy flavor that intensifies with age. The cheese itself is creamy and the little seeds add a crunch and a refreshing, exotic, almost mint-like flavor. 

We love making toasted cheese sandwiches with Leyden, it's the best!


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