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10 things about Liquorice

Ten things you always wanted to know about liquorice, but were afraid to ask!

1.Liquorice is good for boosting brain function, fighting dental decay and improving the digestive system. It also tastes pretty damn good.

2.No one is quite sure how liquorice first arrived in Britain. It could have been the handy work of the Romans, Crusaders or Benedictine monks. Whoever it was, they obviously had great taste!

3.Pontefract is the spiritual home of liquorice. The history books first link the two back in the 1500s. The area’s rich loamy soil made it perfect for growing the plant, from whose roots liquorice is extracted.

4.Napoleon is said to have always chewed liquorice root, which blackened his teeth.

5.Talented chemist George Dunhill is credited as being the first person to make liquorice confectionery, by coming up with the bright idea of adding sugar in 1760.

6.By the 1940s, Pontefract was producing 400 tonnes of liquorice every week, and exporting it all over the world. This was truly a golden age for the product.

7.Liquorice can be worn, as well as eaten – well, kind of! In 2004, the Liquorice Festival featured a live catwalk fashion show, with all the garments and accessories made from liquorice. Doubt we’ll see them down Top Shop any time soon, however.

8.These days, 23 million Catherine Wheels are produced at our Pontefract site every year. This great product delights kids and adults alike.

9.Liquorice is not just used as an ingredient in sweets. It can also be used in cheese, sausages and beer – in fact, everything you need for a balanced diet!

10.Although it’s 50 times sweeter than sugar, liquorice is light on calories and fat. So if you’ve been struggling to slip into that summer bikini, you know what to reach for.


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