European food is always better: enter the German crunch bar

Schoko-Reis is a German candy bar comprised of puffed wheat and rice cakes covered in milk chocolate.
The result?
A slightly crispy, mostly chewy chocolate bar which, despite the poor quality of the chocolate (about on par with Nestlé), definitely has an edge on its more orthodox cousin, the Crunch Bar. The aforementioned rice cake makes up the majority of the bar's mass, and does a pretty successful job of disguising the waxiness of the chocolate. It's not fabulous, but there is certainly a place for this kind of candy bar; it's a snack food, not high-end single-origin dark chocolate, and as long as you don't ask it to be anything more than it is, it's a worthwhile purchase. It's tasty and original in a way that indubitably makes it worth a shot.


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