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A beautifully balanced creamy cheese infused with wild field garlic. Beemster with Garlic is a dream come true for garlic lovers. This cheese is smooth and creamy, yet allows for the enjoyment of wild field garlic in addition to a quality cheese.

Beemster with Garlic melts wonderfully and is a great addition to any sandwich or melted on top of a soup. Never overpowering, this cheese is a wonderful addition to burgers, potato dishes and sneaking tastes on the side!

Buy Beemster with Wasabi Retail Cuts Here

The wasabi plant belongs to the same family as mustard and horseradish. Its root is ground together with soy sauce to produce a strong-flavored paste that goes great with sushi—and also, surprisingly, cheese. The well-tempered wasabi allows the cheese’s youthful milk flavors to shine through. Delicate, yet noticeable, it lends the cheese a faint yellow-green tint and a mild kick. This Beemster has a great texture for snacking, and it is delicious melted on burgers or cubed into Asian salads.

Beemster with Wasabi is part of the Royal Garden Selection of Beemster Flavors—young creamy Dutch cow’s milk cheeses with striking ingredients, including mustard seed, wild garlic and even stinging nettles. The various flavors are added by hand


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