Beemster Classic cheese from Holland Aged 18 Months

Beemster Premium Selection and Garden Selection

Beemster cheeses are composed of only grade-A cow’s milk coming from cows that graze freely on the lush,
pesticide-free grasses of the famous Dutch Beemster Polder located 20ft below sea level in North Holland.

The Beemster Polder was reclaimed in the year 1612 and became a UNESCO World Heritage Location in 1999.

The rare environmental makeup of the Beemster polder allows for the creation of the highest quality cheese in the world, Beemster Cheese.  (Bam- Stir)

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This extra aged Beemster Classic has an intense, somewhat sweet flavor. This cheese with the typical caramel color has a wonderful complex aroma. Although Beemster Classic has been matured over 18 months, its texture is still rather creamy and can be cut without crumbling too much. Dutch cheese, with enough age on it, can be grated as a wonderful alternative to Parmesan or eaten alone. Classic was the first cheese from Beemster introduced to the U.S. and to this day remains the best selling Beemster cheese. Beemster Classic is the perfect age for any kind of cheese connoisseur to enjoy – mellow enough for young palates, but robust enough for fine wines at a dinner party.


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