Today's Favorite Licorice is katjes herring drop and sweet black licorice beagles

Katjes black licorice herring is a Divine sweet and salty chewy licorice.  This is an everyday favorite.  The chew on this licorice is interesting because it is firm and soft at the same time.  The molasses taste goes so well with the sugar & salt coating,  You will love them!  If left to the open air this will become hard as a rock.  If this happens you can put it back into a ziplock bag with a piece of bread and it should soften up so you can still enjoy it overnight.  However, if I find a stash of old licorice I usually throw it into a batch of brownies. mmmmm!  You can Buy Katjes black licorice herring here.

You can Buy Gustaf's Sweet Black Licorice Beagle here This licorice is chewy and medium strength.  It is an easy chew with a 'gummy' inside texture.  The tub keeps them moist, not that they will last very long!  Stop by the store for a sample! 


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