This is one of those products that a customer brought into the store for me to taste and I think, ok lets see how this cookie spiced bread spread tastes. 
OMG!  I mean it is SO good that it is practically criminal-there is nary a bit of exaggeration in my statement.  I immediately began campaigning my importer for this product, and as you can see- I have it!  It is based on this Speculaas cookie, which is so pleasant to eat.  We have a variety of speculaas spiced items in the store

If you would like to try your hand at baking your own Speculaas cookies there is a good recipe at Joy of Baking  and another at Dutch Food on About.com . I mustn't forget the recipes of Foododelmundo  The well seasoned Chef And here is another review of Speculoos by Cheap Ethnic Eatz just in case you need another opinion-lol!


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