Dutch Ewephoria Candy like Gouda Style Sheeps Milk Cheese is here!

For Ewephoria, the cheesemaker roughly follows a Gouda recipe, albeit with pasteurized sheep's milk instead of cow's milk and with different cultures. The 10-pound wheels are aged about 10 months, then given a thin plastic coat to prevent mold from developing.

Ewephoria is possibly as close as cheese gets to candy. The texture is firm, becoming drier toward the rind, and the flavor intense and sweet, with enough acidity to keep the cheese from being cloying.

With a butterscotch-colored interior that exhibits pronounced butterscotch and whiskey aromas, the cheese belongs at the end of a meal with a glass of nutty amontillado or oloroso sherry. A beer drinker would find it compatible with brews that have rich, roasted, nutty and malty flavors, such as porter and stout.

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