Peter Lugers USDA Prime burger review -Brooklyn, NYC

Peter Luger
178 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 387-7400‎

While in NYC I had the opportunity to go to Peter Lugers Steakhouse in Brooklyn for a Prime USDA aged beef burger.   It was an adventure I shared with my sister, baby in tow.

Entering through the massive bar you are instantly bombarded with the smell of ever cooking meat.  We were seated near the kitchen in the smaller dining room.  The waiters bantered in Italian but took our orders with a decided Brooklyn twang.   All around us were tables filled with Couples, a Mother and Daughter (obviously home for Spring Break) and Businessmen all eating huge over filled platters of sliced Prime Steak.  Porterhouse is the specialty. 

The waiter demonstrated for the table behind us that if they wanted the rare meat cooked more, they could do so on the rim of the serving platter.  I don't know how long the rim stayed hot enough to cook the meat more, but the sizzle and color change of the meat slice were instant and visible to me at the next table.

But we wern't there for the Porterhouse, we were down for the Prime Burger.  I ordered mine medium rare, sister ordered well.  I wish I had looked before I ate because the waiter gave us the wrong burgers.  I had two bites with the amazing bun and decided to forgo the rest and just ate the cheesy meat.  Because I was served the wrong burger, to me it was dry and the course grind of the meat was 'grainy' and it fell apart.  Don't get me wrong it still tasted good, I wouldn't call it the best burger I've ever eaten though.  I will say it was the best burger I have eaten with my adorable nephew, dubbed 'meat baby' after our trip here.  Seriously the baby smelled like meat until after his bath!
The atmosphere could easily be called 'wiseguy' as there were plenty of gold chains and slick combed back hair.  The 'slab' of 1/2" bacon and the bread and sauce are all live up to the legend.  It was an exceedingly fun and tasty day.  You can now order steak from Peter Lugers, so for less than a plane trip you can order up a steak and grind your own Luger burger.


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