Justice Steven's ties to Poulsbo, Washington

Retiring Justice Stevens: ‘Poulsbo is a Postcard on the Water’
April 12th, 2010 by josh farley
It’s quite the rarity when a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States makes the trek to a town such as Poulsbo.
But in 1985 and for the benefit of, among other things, the small town lawyer, Justice John Paul Stevens and his wife, Maryan, came to Poulsbo.  Read more at Kitsap Sun writer Josh Farley's blog.

DURING my clerkship interview with Justice Stevens, we talked about our hometowns. When I mentioned that I had grown up in a small town near Seattle, he leapt from his chair and pulled a plaque off the wall. It read: “Small Town Lawyer of the Year: Associate Justice John Paul Stevens.” It had been given to him a few years before by the bar association of Poulsbo, Wash. 
At the time, I was puzzled that the award was so meaningful to him. I shouldn’t have been. Although Justice Stevens has always practiced law at the highest levels of the profession, his modesty would make him feel right at home in a place like Poulsbo. He may not have actually been a small town lawyer, but he was definitely a kindred spirit.

— EDUARDO M. PEÑALVER, professor at Cornell Law School and clerk from 2000 to 2001 in the New York Times


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